Meeting The Man Of My Dreams On A Dating App

I was one of those people who loathed the single life. I couldn’t stand having to wait around for friends, all with significant others, or resort to my own dull company when a new movie that I wanted to watch hit the screens.

Stuck In A Rut

How do I get out of this rut? I had whined, over and over, to anybody who would listen. Taking on the skepticism that the bitter spinsters are famous for, I bemoaned the lack of possibility around me.

It was either that there wasn’t any one person who fit in with my type, or that the ones who did had already been swooped up well before. I think I had gotten so used to despairing that in a sense, I grew used to it, whining about as often as I spoke; it was just that automatic and natural.


It was at this point that my friend suggested I try out a dating app, the infamous Tinder. I was reluctant and immediately reticent, I considered the suggestion almost offensive and bristled at having been viewed at as that far gone. In the privacy of my own home, without a word uttered to any of my friends, I decided to give it a try.

Before I had a chance to change my mind, I downloaded the app and began to swipe. It was with a lot of skepticism that I eyed each contender. They were more attractive than I believed realistic, and matches made my phone ping an almost disconcerting amount.

Examining My Matches

Still, I swallowed all my misgivings and examined my matches, and then began to speak to them. Most of these conversations failed to boost my confidence, but for one, a light, jokey colloquy with a long haired, self-professed nerd named Andrew.

As we spoke, I found myself getting alarmingly comfortable with this stranger, we seemed to have several interests in common, and after a little persuading, I shared my usernames on various other chat apps with him so that we could continue our conversations.

Meeting Up

We met three days later. He took me on a long drive down a coast-side road and we spent our time narrating to each other several humorous anecdotes from our early lives. I found myself reluctant to say goodbye to him, and we quickly arranged the next meet up to happen that weekend.

We’ve been dating for fourteen months now. I can’t think of anyone that I’ve met that would be more suited for me than he is, and I’m very grateful to myself for having stepped out of my comfort zone and given that dating app a try.

HCG Levels: What To Expect

HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) level pregnancy relationship is a significant one. As the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus, the placenta starts releasing HCG hormone.

It is the rise in the HCG levels in the female body that marks pregnancy.



* Normally, the levels of HCG double every 48 to 72 hours. This continues for around 4, 5 or 6 weeks

* After the tenth or eleventh week, the HCG levels start falling.

* At this point, the HCG concentration is not a recommended measure to judge whether or not the baby is developing well.

* Now, the heartbeat can be felt, and is used to infer that the pregnancy is healthy.

* Extremely low levels of HCG can be dangerous. If no increase is being noticed over 3 to 4 days, there could be a risk of miscarriage or abnormal pregnancy. The doctor should be immediately consulted with.

Multiple Pregnancies

HCG pregnancy charts are easily available. You can compare your HCG level at different points in your gestation period to the averages and the range of normal HCG levels given in the chart.

Note that there are different HCG level pregnancy charts for different kinds: this is because with twins, you would have higher levels of HCG. Likewise, with triplets, you would go even higher on HCG levels. So, make sure you are referring to the right HCG level pregnancy chart. Also, you can go for a week by week chart or even one that displays possible daily changes.


Use of antibiotics and contraceptives can result in decline in the HCG levels. As a result, the lining of the uterus starts breaking down. Since this lining is protective for the fetus, a miscarriage may result.

In some cases extremely low HCG levels mark that the fetus has started developing outside the uterus. This could be in the fallopian tube o even in the cervix. Such complications end in loss of the unborn baby.

Just a Rough Guide

Do not panic if your HCG levels are not the exact same as the average given. The range in which the HCG level at certain point is considered normal is very wide.

So, as long as you follow the rise and fall pattern normally, you are fine. So, keep the HCG level pregnancy chart to guide yourself as to how you are progressing; and enjoy every moment of it

These Stylish Instagram Moms Actually Make Me Feel Better About Life

I became a mom just over 8 months ago for the second time.

Although I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, I’m actually having the time of my life being a full time stay at home mom.

Unfortunately spending a lot of time at home, has seen my fashion sense suffer. I find myself nipping to the local store in the weirdest of outfits and buying a sexy evening dress from this website is simply a thing of the past.


In this article I wanted to introduce some Instagram moms, who have basically given me my mojo back! These are ladies are full of style and glamour, while being busy full time moms.

There are certain sacrifices that mothers have to make to see to it that their children are happy in life.

The attempt to make your child look good, you have to ensure that you do the right thing. You have to make sure that each of the things you will do will make your little man to appear attractive at the end of the day.


Instagram moms can be used as a source of inspiration in your life.

There is great power when it comes to using Instagram mothers in order to discover new trends. These moms display certain trends that you can use to make your child appear fashionable. With Instagram in place, you will not have a heard time in finding ways to give your son or daughter that unique look that many people will admire.


I have been using Instagram moms to decide how my child should look like for sometime and i feel glad to see him awesome.

10 Point Checklist To Consider Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodeling is an exciting job.

However, it can also be costly, overwhelming and time-consuming.

The following are 10 point checklist before starting your bathroom renovation to ensure it successfully runs.

Video from Bathroom Renovations Brisbane


You should consider the amount you need for your bathroom remodeling. This is going to assist you in making decisions on what you need to include in your remodel.

2. Time

Several people think that remodeling a small bathroom takes only a few days, or less time when compared to a larger one. This is not the case. Depending on the number of items you’re changing, the contractor is going to follow similar steps as a larger bathroom. You must also consider some intermediate steps like ordering and buying tiles, fixtures or cabinets to ensure they are delivered on time.

3. Work Sequence

You may save yourself a lot of mistakes and cleanup time through completing the work in a particular sequence. For instance, when you’re simply repainting you should always begin at the top of the roof.

4. Hidden problems

Depending on the age and how well your home was built, water damage is the biggest hidden problem that you may encounter. You should also look for other structural problems in the floor framing, old corroded plumbing, improperly vented plumbing among others.

5. Design style and functionality

Here, there are several factors to take into account, such as tile choices, paint color, showers, faucets, and tubs among others. You begin with some research, then piece together those elements you’d like in the final design of your new bathroom.


6. Measurements

You should ensure you’ve absolutely precise measurements plus specifications when you visit the store. Or else you may end up purchasing stuff which does not fit.

7. Contractor

You should look for a professional to do your bathroom remodeling. Don’t overlook the benefits of hiring one to save you from misery and time.

8. Plumbing fixtures and features

No bathroom remodeling job is complete without repairing features and fixtures that may very well make some separate checklists themselves, like toilet, bathtub, bidet, showerheads, and sink among others.

9. Cabinets, shelving and storage

Planning cabinets, storing solutions and shelving in most instances is a tricky problem. They should be functional plus able to accommodate all your stuff as they keep everything easily accessible. They should fit into the available space, and look stylish.

10. Walls and flooring

Whatever choice of material you choose for your surface walls and floors, you should also consider other vital criteria like durability and slip-resistance.

The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Shopping For Men From A Woman!


I still remember the day Steve proposed to me. It was the most romantic gesture I have ever received.

The engagement ring was absolutely stunning, and something I would have picked myself.

Luckily Steve had consulted my best friend Karen regarding the ring, who knew exactly what I would and wouldn’t like.

For one reason or another, this often isn’t possible which means many men have to dive into the complicated world of engagement ring buying without any help.

In this guide, I wanted to provide some tips for all the men out there who are struggling to pick the perfect ring.


Engagement Ring Shopping – The Ultimate Guide

Fine jewelry rings come in many different kinds of styles, all with different types of metals and gemstones. The traditional betrothal ring, or the one that most of us picture when we think of engagement, is an ideal cut diamond set into a gold ring.

Doing some research and keeping a few simple guidelines in mind can help take some of the stress out of the experience and keep things affordable.

The modern ring doesn’t need to be gold or even diamond, although diamonds, of course, remain the popular choice. When exploring alternatives to diamond perfect rings or when researching designs, it is important to have some idea in mind of what you would like to communicate about your relationship.

If you are looking into buying gemstones other than diamonds, there are a variety of options for affordable engagement rings available to you. You can research the different meanings of gemstones in order to determine the right one for your engagement rings.

Silver and gold; the most popular metals used in betrothal rings; are both symbolic of strength and wealth. The color of the stone can also help you figure out if you would like to work in a cooler or warmer color scheme, a factor in determining the metals you would like to work with.

In conclusion, looks aren’t everything, and strength and affordability will of course be a factor in all decisions along the way to the creation and purchase of your very own custom designed perfect ring.

Handling a Fussy Baby and New Foods

Handling a Fussy Baby and New Foods

Handling a Fussy Baby and New Foods

My kid hates everything!  You’re not the only parent to say these words so take a breath and pick up the spoon they batted away one more time and persevere.  When your child is fussy it’s not only discouraging but cleaning peas off the wall is no barrel of laughs either.  Before you start referring to your bundle of joy as the picky one here are some things you should keep in mind first.

Baby only needs a mouthful

We start feeding babies solid foods around the six month mark, but most of their nutritional needs are being met through formula or breast milk, so if they haven’t inhaled a bowl of cereal by the time they are nine months old it’s perfectly okay.  In the early days all you need to do is introduce the concept of solid foods, some kids finder it harder to adjust to than others, let them work it out at their own pace.

Babies do need iron

Your child naturally gets iron from you and from breast milk after birth but around six months these stores start to deplete and now you will need to include some iron rich protein sources.  You can offer pureed meat or mashed eggs as part of their first foods, leave roughly 5 days in between to make sure there are no reactions.  You can also get some iron fortified cereals.  You need to balance the desire to have them like a variety of vegetables with dietary necessities like iron.

Yes, they can eat eggs

Until recently parents were told not to feed your baby eggs until they were at least a year old, that’s changed.  The Pediatric society now recommends the whole egg starting at six months, research has shown that actually giving kids the whole egg early helps stave off egg allergies.  If your baby is fussy this is good news, eggs are incredibly nutritious and there is no end to the things you can hide in scrambled eggs.  Eggs are also the only way to get choline which is important for tiny growing brains.

This is gonna take some patience

Even if your baby doesn’t like something the first time out, don’t worry it can take a few tries to get them to like something.  By a few tries, I mean 15-20…no kidding.  This is according to child feeding expert Ellyn Satter so don’t be discouraged to quickly it’s going to take some time, patience and more than a few paper towels to clean the walls.  If you’re still struggling try to get your child to eat the following video offers a few more tips.

Did You Sign Your Child Up For too Many After-School Activities

After-School Activities

 How many activities are too many?

This isn’t really a questions I have had to deal with yet but I belong to a couple of mommy groups and it’s a topic that comes up often especially now that school has been back for a couple of weeks and all the back to school chaos is still going on.  There is no easy answer, it really depends on each family and how well they manage.

Looking at other parents it’s pretty easy to judge, to feel overwhelmed by the parent dragging kids off to karate lessons, piano and swimming while their other child is doing clarinet, soccer and dance.  It’s easy to stand on the sidelines and say “oh hells no!” I am not putting myself through that.  On the other hand no parent wants their child to miss out on anything not be prepared for whatever life throws at them.

Here are some questions you have to ask yourself before you start enrolling your kids in every activity possible:

  1. Who do you want your child to become, happy or busy?
  2. How much time to play and unwind does your child need each week?
  3. Is your child going to have homework and school activities to do before they start extracurricular stuff
  4. Does your child even want to play (insert various instruments here)? This is more important than you think, how many friends do you have who still complain about the piano lessons they had to take as kids.
  5. Do you have the money for all this? That may sound indelicate but for many families it’s a deciding factor, it would be in our house.
  6. Do you have any idea how much chauffeuring you will have to do? I promise it is a heck of a lot more than you think.

This is a great place to realistically plan out the activities for you and your children.  When you map out the schedule remember that kids need time to be kids and that means play, sleep, homework, family time and just time to run around the house being their goofy selves.  Bear in mind that just because your kid has time for piano lessons twice a week, doesn’t mean they want to play the piano and tantrums outside of the piano teachers house are not fun for anyone.

The world won’t end if your child doesn’t learn piano or starts playing later after they have expressed an interest.  Ease into the after school activities, start off with one to get them acclimated to the schedule before they take on multiple activities, you will both appreciate it.